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What are the start dates for studying in Canada?


All information about registration dates and the start of studies in Canada

Canadian universities and colleges offer 3 main start dates. The start date of classes is commonly referred to as the term or semester in some universities and educational institutions.

Study start dates in Canada:

  • Autumn: starting in September
  • Winter: Starts in January, best if you missed applying in the September batch
  • Summer: Available in a limited selection of programs and faculties, it usually starts in April and May

How do you choose which semester to apply for?

It may seem a bit confusing for you to choose the most appropriate enrollment batch. Therefore, when choosing the batch or semester in which you wish to apply, you must take into account several important factors, which are the availability of the study program you have chosen, the presence of your academic and academic certificates as well as your results in admission tests, the acceptance rates required to join this study program, and the available job opportunities in This specialization, and the extent of your readiness to join the study. And if your academic certificates are not ready for submission for the first batch, it is best to wait until the start of submission in the next batch or next semester.

In order to reach the right decision, you can book a free counseling session with our experienced advisors who can provide advice on available enrollment dates, course selection , university application, and all information on the visa process .

The following table shows the start dates for study and registration in Canadian universities and colleges:


Application dates*

Fall - September (When to Apply)October - November (Delayed Application)
Winter - January (When to Apply)August-November (Delayed Application)
Spring - May (When to Apply)September – February (the deadline for submission)

The time frame for submitting undergraduate applications may vary according to each educational institution.*